Category Distribution

We continuously build our product portfolio and inventories, keeping them ex-stocks at local warehouses. You can find the right products for your business.

Product Sourcing

Sourcing products for your customers?
(Example: High value, large quantity or consistent consumptions such as consumable, wear and tear items), Crov can help you fulfill them.

Merchant On-boarding

If you’re a local manufacturer or brand owner of great products, we welcome you too.
On-board at to jointly empower local SME businesses, our registered retailers are your immediate channels to sell.

Project Procurement

Furnishing for residential, office, factory, restaurant and café, or tools and equipment for automotive workshops, our sourcing team can support your needs with ease. Working with a large number of certified manufacturers in China, Crov has access to huge selections of furniture, tools & equipment.

Brand Connection

Expert in your specific field and looking for brand distributorship, we can link you to the right manufacturer or brand owner.