YB 4L Planet Air Fryer

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Brand: YB

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Model: YB001

  • 1.星球外观、太空感觉、对接细腻、做工极致。
  • The appearance of the planet,the feeling of space,the exquisite docking, and the ultimate workmanship. 
  • 2.采用碳素发热管、寿命长、热效率高、产品设计可视角度广、面积大。
  • Carbon heating tube, long life,high thermal efficiency,wide visual angle and large area.
  • 3.工作台面防烫设计∶双向对流热气交换。(比原来直排换热气的不容易烫坏工作台面)
  • Anti scald design of worktable:bidirectional convective hot gas exchange.(it's not easy to burn the worktable surface with the original direct heat exchange air) 
  • 4.工作安全开关双面接触设计,更加安全可靠。
  • Working safety switch double-sided contact design,more safe and reliable. 
  • 5.上下翻转食物盘∶容升、食物数量可以二面调节,配有取物夹可以随时取出食物盘。
  • Flip the food tray up and down:the capacity and quantity of food can be adjusted on both sides, and the food tray can be taken out at any time with a pick-up clip.
  •  6.另外可以任选配置单个夹食物-食物夹,和锅垫。
  • In addition,you can choose to configure a single clip of food-food clip,and pot mat.
  • 7.旋钮∶温控、定时调节方便明了,温度和时间刻度明确,烘烤食材不仅仅∶鸡腿、猪蹄、红薯、还可以爆米花。 
  • Knob:temperature control,timing adjustment is convenient and clear,temperature and time scales are clear,baking ingredients are not only chicken legs,pig feet,sweet potato,but also popcorn.