Wiselion Infrared Thermometer WBS-T007

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Wiselion Infrared Thermometer WBS-T007

  • The Wiselion Infrared Thermometer WBS-T007 is a non-contact thermometer that measures the body temperature using an infrared sensor.
  • The Wiselion Infrared Thermometer WBS-T007 has an infrared sensor that measures the body temperature without contact.
  • The thermometer has an LCD display with a backlight and a memory recall of up to 32 measurements.
  • The device also has an auto power-off feature for when it is not in use.


  • Size: 13cm x 5cm x 18.5cm
  • Weight: 0.27kg


1. Keep out of the reach of children.

2. Please keep the inside of the infrared sensor clean.

3. DO NOT place this product in an extreme temperature environment.

4. DO NOT bump the product or drop it from a high place.

5. DO NOT disassemble this product by yourself, it is recommended not to change the factory settings.

6. DO NOT use in the strong electromagnetic interference environments or in different liquids.

7. If you need to dispose of this product, please follow the garbage collection guidelines of relevant local laws and regulations.

8. The measurement results of this product are not a substitute for a doctor's diagnosis.


  • Aim the infrared thermometer at the center of the forehead around 3-5cm, DO NOT touch directly.
  • Press the button lightly could be measured.
  • The screen displays the measurement result immediately.