Puppyoo WP608 Corded Mini Mattress UV Anti-Mites Vacuum Cleaner (Delivery in 2 weeks)

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Puppyoo WP608 Corded Mini Mattress UV Anti-Mites Vacuum Cleaner (Delivery in 2 weeks)

Model: WP608

Brand: Puppyoo

Delivery: 2 weeks.


  • Rated Power: 400W
  • Rated Voltage: 220V~, 50Hz
  • Filter Type: Stainless Steel Filter+ H12 HEPA
  • Dust Cup Capacity: 0.6L
  • Beat Frequency: 5000 times/min
  • UV Light Tube: 6W/120mm
  • Noise: ≤65dB(A)
  • Power cord length: 4.0M
  • Net Weight: 1.2kg
  • Dimension: 36.5×22×14cm
  • Packaging dimension: 41.5×26.5×18cm
  • 1 year warranty


High-temperature hot wind and powerful Suction can kill acarid completely.

UV-C Nanometer Medical Grade UV Lamp

UV-C is the most suitable wave length for ultraviolet ray, the wave length is 200-280nm, WP608 adopt 253.7nm wave length, it can avoid harming human tissue caused by too long wave length and invalid sterilization caused by too short wave length.

High Penetration Thermionic Cathode Quartz Lamp

The UV lamp has high penetration feature, it can break the cytomembrane of deep allergen to achieve mites-killing and sterilization effect.

Pressure Sensitive UV Leakproof Design

The reaction speed is quicker and safer.

Mechanical roller wheel design, when using it, as long as it left the cleaning object, the roller wheel will bounce automatically, UV-C sterilization lamp will close accordingly; when the roller wheel touch the cleaning object again, UV-C lamp will light again.

Ensure a high penetration rate, so that ultraviolet rays can play the role of acaricidal sterilization as much as possible.

Experiments have confirmed that the UV-C ultraviolet lamp has a significant anti-mite sterilization effect.

Double Motor

Reduce the suction loss.

There are two motors in front and back off the machine, they control the pat and suction separately. It makes less suction loss and stronger cleaning ability.

400W High-power

Assure the powerful suction.

Powerful suction not only can take away the suface acarid, but also collect deep miles to assure healthy life.

Two times of filtration system, the outlet air is cleaner.

Precise Filter

The mesh opening diameter of stainless steel filter mesh is only 0.2mm, only the hair fiber can get through, most of acarid and allergen can be filtered by it.


It adopts 12 grade of washable HEPA, the filter diameter is only 0.3um, it can filter tiny acarid, pollen and other allergen, the filter level is even higher than general purifier.

The precise filter stops most of acarid dust, hair, scruff, and it can make the dust that adhered to the filter mesh flat shape, it’s convenient to clean, after the stainless steel filter mesh filtration, only little tiny dust can get through it to adhere to the HEPA.

Say goodbye to mites, itching and allergies easily and efficiently.

Double filter system to ensure clean exhaust air.

Not only the bed need to remove mites, soft toys, sofa, cushion or desk chair also needed.

Let the insect mites unable to escape.

Under high-speed vibration, the insect mites will lose their mobility and cannot escape ultraviolet light and suction.

Against escaped mites

By vibrating at a high speed, the action of mites is suppressed to ensure the effect of removing mites.

High-temperature hot air anti-mite.

The output of high-temperature hot air can kill the mites while creating a high-temperature and low-humidity environment, so that the mites lose their place of survival and inhibit the growth of mites from the roots.

Disclaimer: Video below shown Model No: WP607. The different between WP607 & WP608 are the unit color and power plug. All other functions are the same.