My Emperor Comix Series of Spring Bullet Gel Press Pen - WHGP394

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Brand: Comix

Model: WHGP394


  • Pen size: 14.4cm x 1.05cm
  • Pen weight: 0.05kg
  • 1 box included 5 types of patterns: Wu Huang, Ba Za Hei, Niu Neng, Ren Zhong and Chi Zhong pattern.
  • Pen holder material: plastic
  • Pen shape: bullet
  • Pen color ink: black ink only
  • Writing thickness: 0.5mm
  • Type: Quick-drying
  • Closing method: press



  • Easily press to release the pen.
  • High-quality ink, clear and long-lasting writing.
  • Fast line drawing can keep ink volume stable.
  • Prevent ink cut and ink leakage.
  • Nib wear-resistant, no ink accumulation, no ink leakage.