MI 18W 10000mAh Fast Charge Power Bank, 3rd Generation

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MI 18W 10000mAh Fast Charge Power Bank, 3rd Generation 


  • Battery type: Lithium ion polymer battery
  • Battery power: 37Wh 3.7V  10000mAh
  • Nominal capacity: 5500mAh (5.1V/2.6A)
  • Input port: Micro-USB/ USB-C
  • Output port: USB-A
  • Operation temperature: 5~35 degree centigrade
  • Size: 147.8mm * 73.9mm * 15.3mm
  • Charge Time: About 4 hours. (9V/2A or 12V/1.5A); About 6 hours (5V/2A)

Product Description

  • 18W dual-port input, self-charging experience and then upgrade

Micro-usd and USB-C are two input interfaces with the maximum power up to 18W

  • 18W double port output, fast charging more efficient

Two USB-A output ports can charge two electronic devices at the same time. In addition, it supports a single 18W Max for quick charging, providing you with a more convenient quick charging experience.

  • Big capacity with 10000mAh

10000mAh large capacity, it can charge an electronic device for many times *, which to meet the charging needs of a day's travel.