• Star99 Wash & Shine Car Shampoo (2000ml) - JA-AS03-001

Star99 Wash & Shine Car Shampoo (2000ml) - JA-AS03-001

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Star99 Wash & Shine Car Shampoo (2000ml)

Model: JA-AS03-001

Product Description:

  • It is suitable for all paint finishes, including metallic.
  • It also shines and protects without any extra effort.
  • Specially formulated with non-caustic and non-sodium chloride ingredients, the active cleaning agents effectively clean grease, traffic film, polarity dirt and others.
  • This safe formulation never dulls or strips away the vehicle's paint or wax. It also has anti-rust properties, including unpainted, exposed surfaces.
  • For Best Results: Wash car in the shade and rinse sponge regularly with clean water to remove dirt and to avoid scratching.


Weight: 2.05kg

Dimension: 13cm x 8cm x 30cm (L x W x H)